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Program Management Forms

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Event Registration (.doc)




Adult Education Registration (.doc)




Field Trip Application (.doc)




Service Unit Event Guidelines (large file)(.doc)




Juliette Low World Friendship Fund Contribution Report (.doc)




Super Troop Application (.doc)




Outdoor Program Activity Form(.doc)




Low Ropes Element Guide




Leadership Application




Gold Award Workbook 2014




Silver Award Workbook 2014




Bronze Award Workbook 2014


GSUSA Insurance Forms

(external pdf links taken from United of Omaha website) Comparison Chart




Girl Scout Basic Coverage Insurance Pamphlet (Basic Plan: English | Spanish)


Plan 2


Designed for activities/events lasting more than two nights. It covers members and nonmembers when they complete the form. Same coverage as plan 1 but must be purchased.


Plan 3P


Primary coverage for members and nonmembers. Provides sickness coverage. Covers travel to and from the activity.


Plan 3E


Secondary coverage for members and nonmembers (personal insurance is used first). Provides sickness coverage.
Covers travel to and from the activity.


Plan 3PI


Covers members and nonmembers accident and sickness. Is used for international travel.


*Updated 8-8-16.


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